Individual Counselling

Our psychotherapist, who has received long-term training in professional counselling and has many years of clinical experience, performs Technical Eclecticism to select and integrate the essence of different kinds of therapies to cater the specific needs and conditions of clients. These therapies include Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness skills, and Moment by Moment Reconnecting Marriage and Family Therapy. Effective and tailored-made therapy programs can help clients experience significant improvement in their mental health, alleviate emotional distress, enhance their personal sense of value, and cultivate all-round growth and mental wellness.

In addition, in accordance with the client’s age, preferences and conditions, the therapist might incorporate experiential activities, art, music and play elements into her therapy programs. The goal here is to help clients express their inner feelings and thus improve treatment progress and results.

Our services include treatment of emotional distress, learning difficulties, interpersonal relationships, life planning, grief counselling, love, marriage and family issues, addictive behavior, mental illness, children, adolescents and adults counselling, etc.


Personal Growth / Holistic Healthy Life Development

The World Health Organization's survey on wellness investigates people's holistic health status based on the five categories: physical, psychological, spiritual, social, economic and occupational conditions. These five factors are not only decisive indicators of human well-being, but they are also closely linked and interdependent. Fostering personal growth / holistic healthy life development entails making appropriate adjustments to these five dimensions according to the needs or expectations of clients, with aim of achieving desirable improvements. Clients can also set their own therapy goals such as enhancing self-confidence, elevating emotional processing ability, or improving interpersonal relationship.

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