Peadiatric Craniosacral Therapy is the part that craniosacral therapists always pay much attention on, and it is one of the important reasons why CST is so popular now around the world. Instead of doing a lot of medical tests and guessing based on the subjective feedback from the parents, a well-trained therapist can quickly and precisely locate the origin of the problem of the babies by their hands and perform their delicate therapy. Another reason that makes Peadiactric CST popular lies on the fact that it could be performed on very weak and sick babies and children, even as small as a new born infant could be a suitable recipient.

The theory and principle of Peadiactric CST basically is the same as ordinary CST, their biggest differences, however, are the techniques and the skills. Babies and children as they always move instead of lying still, demand a much higher level skills to perform an effective treatment. The anatomical differences between kid and adult which the therapist has to be familiar with, makes the modification of the techniques indispensable. The optimum amount of force used in a baby treatment is another key factor of a sucessful treatment session.

Generally speaking, babies and children coming for treatment are usually caused by some complications during the pregnancy or delivery during which they are injured by different extent and caused signs and symptoms later in their lives. Babies are very fragile and dependent during the pregnancy, any slight problem could resulted in some serious and long term problem later. Delivery itself is another risky process, dozens of pounds of force created by uterine contraction compressing the babies in natural delivery process, together with the "not gentle" handling by the doctors during Caesarean delivery could both injured babies' head, neck and shoulders easily, but just left unnoticed most of the time until months or a few years later when a series of signs and symptoms emerged, but by that time, nobody could related their children problem to the injury happened during the delivery. After the babies or children were treated by CST and got significant improvement, parents finally realized what has happened on their babies or children.

Viola Frymann,D.O. and Beryl Arbuckle,D.O. are two great students of William Sutherland, D.O., they archieved great contributions in the field of Peadiatric CST and they are both fantastic therapists.