Treatment Effects

There is no fixed way of how the kids response during the session, they may be happy and laugh or sad and cry, they may be relax or keep moving, or sometimes fall asleep. Their responses during the treatment is a result of many combined factors, for example many children with autism cannot clam down and lie still on the treatment table. Another factor is the feeling of the kids during the treatment, as babies and kids are much more sensitive than adult, they can feel a lot of changes inside their bodies and they can feel some discomfort due to those changes, that could be the biggest reason of crying in the session. But sometimes they can feel very relax and fall asleep. Their responses during treatment are not constant and can change from session to session. But one thing we can expect is when they received more treatments and became healthier,the chance and the extent for them feeling discomfort always reduce.

Generally speaking, parents will notice some changes of symptoms after their babies and kids recieved 3-4 sessions. The speed of improvement depends largely upon the severity of the illness and thier age, needless to say, the smaller and the less severe, the faster the improvement. But it is not uncommon that some parents may notice some worsening of thier kids' symptoms after the first few sessions of thier treatment for a short period of time, what commonly seen would be emotional unstable, sleep disturbance, tiredness and decreased attention. The phenomenon usually could last for few days, but for the kids with autism and seizure, it could be much longer. No matter they experience the short term worsening period or not, it is all normal phenomenon and it does not affect the treatment result.