Plan 1 — During & After Pregnancy HealthCare

Pregnant women face dramatic changes both in physical and mental aspects during and after their pregnancy. Suitable professional help is very useful for this big transition in a smooth and healthy way. Moreover, pregnant women physical and mental health would directly affect their baby's growth and could bring a life long impact.

After women gave birth to their babies, their bodies need recovery, but at the same time, they may face tremendous amount of stress and workload in taking care a new born, adjusting the daily rountines, dealing with family comflicts, etc. Many of them really need some professional help.

During & After Pregnancy HealthCare plan is a healthcare program combining Cransaiocral Therapy and Counselling, which support pregnant women health in a holistic way.

Physically, Craniosacral Therapy is one of the few therapies which can utilize gentle and soft touch, safely treating pregnant women no matter what pregnancy stage they are in. It takes care of many symptoms and discomforts commonly appeared during and after the pregnancy. For example:

  • Neck and Low back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Frequent muscle cramp
  • Stomach upset
  • Swollen
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Emotional fluctuation

In psychological and family aspects, pregnant women need to face dramatic and quick changes in life. No matter in family, in workplace, in marriage, even in their own appearance, they could face a lots struggles and distress, causing a lot of anxiety and helplessness. Professional psychotherapist could provide suitable individual support and family counselling, helping situaions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Marriage conflicts
  • Too much stress
  • Depression

Plan Details

Craniosacral Therapy: 4 sessions before and 4 sessions after childbirth,total 8 sessions

Provided by Registered Physiotherapist & Master level Craniosaral Therapist MR. BAKER SIU


Counselling: 4 sessions before and 4 sessions after childbirth,total 8 sessions

Provided by Psychotherapist & Marriage and Family Therapist MS. VERITY YEUNG

Plan Fee

Plan Fee: $15520

If Craniosacral Therapy upgrade to Multihand Craniosacral Therapy: +$300/session

If individual counselling upgrade to couple/family counselling: +$300/session

Plan 2 — Metropolitan Stress Reduction

Hong Kong is famous for its intense and stressful lifestyle which should be familiar for most of the people. Too much stress and long term nervousness not only afftect emotional and mental health, it also raises chances of getting many long term systemic illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, etc.

Metropolitan Stress Reduction is a holistic healthcare plan involved Craniosacral Therapy and counselling, it is set for dealing adult stress and nervousness.

Craniosacral Therapy can loosen our tense and agitated nervous system, claming us down and reducing the physical discomfort due to stress. For example:

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Stomach distress

Counselling utilizes different psychological techniques, raising clients' awareness about self and found out the sources of stress, not only giving immediate relief but also targeting to solve the origin of stressful situation.

Plan Details

Craniosacral Therapy: total 6 sessions

Provided by Joivo certified Craniosacral Therapist

Individual counselling: total 6 sessions

Provided by Psychotherapist & Marriage and family therapist MS. VERITY YEUNG

Plan Fee

Plan Fee: $8400

If Craniosacral Therapy is specified to be done by Registered Physiotherapist and Master Level Craniosacral Therapist MR. BAKER SIU: $11640

If Craniosacral Therapy is specified to be done by Craniosacral Therapist MS. MAGGIE MAN: $9000

If individual counselling upgrade to couple/family counselling: +$300/session

Plan 3 — Premarital Counselling

From dating to getting married, lovers always face a lot of challenges. They may feel uncertain about the married life, or not sure whether his/her partner is ready to go into marriage, or even worry about how to keep intimate relationship and how to deal with relational problems.

During the premarital counselling process, counsellor will help lovers to know each other deeper, to manage marital expectation, to learn the impact of original family on them, to review their love journey, and to conceive their satisfactory married life. In addition, the counsellor may foster the couple’s healthy communication skills and strengthen their relational abilities so as to reduce misunderstanding and to resolve conflicts. Preparing well before entering into marriage through premarital counselling can enable you to adapt the married life and establish a satisfactory marriage.

The counsellor uses the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment tool, which is a questionnaire designed for different stages of couple’s relationship, to explore the strength and area for improvement. Those who receive premarital counselling can choose the focus and topic of each session according to the results of the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment. The topics include marriage expectations, impact of family of origin, personality, communication and conflict resolution, etc.

Plan Details

Premarital Counselling: total 6 sessions,80 - 90 mins/session

Provided by Psychotherapist & Marriage and family therapist MS. VERITY YEUNG

Plan Fee

Plan Fee: $7550
(Prepare/Enrich relationship assessment fee included)

Plan 4 — Adolescent Transition

Adolescence is the transitional stage between childhood and adulthood. During this period, adolescents experience rapid physical, psychological and social development, and they also face difficult problems and decisions about their identity, relationships, education and the future.

If adolescent is under excessive toxic stress (strong, frequent, or prolonged stress), it can disrupt healthy brain development. Without caring environment, attention from caring adults or other protective factors to soften the adverse effects, adolescent may suffer from physical, mental, and behavioral health problems throughout their lives.

During adolescent counselling process, the counsellor listens to the client empathically with understanding and help him/her to face the challenges. According to the needs and willingness of the clients, the counsellor may set goals with the clients to learn more about themselves and to develop problem-solving, emotion management and interpersonal skills.

Parents can come with the adolescent to attend the first counselling session to help counsellor learn more about the family background, education condition as well as the difficulties and distress that the adolescent is facing. After the first session, the adolescent can choose to come individually or with parents.

Plan Details

Individual Counselling: total 6 sessions,50 - 60 mins/session

Provided by Psychotherapist & Marriage and family therapist MS. VERITY YEUNG

Plan Fee

Plan Fee: $5400
If adolescent counselling is upgraded to family counselling: +$300/session