Marriage and Family Counselling

Intimate relationships are often full of love-hate entanglement, joys and sorrow. Sometimes misguided love even turns into hurt overtime. Marriage and family counselling seeks to heal the intricate relationships, and sometimes estranged conditions, shared by couples, parents and children, and family members.


Marriage Counselling

A good relationship can help to establish and complete the self while only a healthy and mature self can promote a harmonious and fulfilling relationship. With aim of promoting the healthy growth of both marital parties, the marriage therapist seeks to coach and guide couples through difficulties encountered in marriage, with hopes of repairing and strengthening the marital relationship.

Conducted in a safe environment imbued with support and acceptance, the therapist facilitates couples to recognize each other's strengths, differences and areas of improvement. Couples may be guided to walk through processes of conflict resolution, which may entail talking about difficult relational issues. With hope of fostering healthy communication and strengthening couples’ relational abilities, the marriage therapist seeks to equip couples to overcome challenges of marriage with renewed love, connection and intimacy.

During this process, the therapist can help couples reinvigorate marital relationships by assisting them to rebuild and establish the meaning of their relationships, improving vitality in intimacy, facilitating motivation in connection between couples, as well as clarifying and enhancing both parties’ commitment to the relationship.

Pre-marital Counselling / Marital Enrichment (Prepare/Enrich)

Prepare-Enrich is a set of psychological assessment tools adopted in pre-marital counselling /marital enrichment, designed by American psychologist Dr. David Olson. It is suitable for different stages of relationship - from lovers to couples who have been married for many years. In addition, Prepare-Enrich has a scientific accuracy of up to 85%. It comprises of 195 assessment questions which can comprehensively evaluate pre-marital or marital relationships from 11 different areas.

Those who receive pre-marital counselling or marital enrichment can choose the focus and topic of each session according to the results of the Prepare/Enrich relationship assessment. Some topics include relationship assessment, marriage expectations, impact of family of origin, personality, communication and conflict resolution, etc.

Parenting Education and Counselling

These days, there are a wide range of theories and methods on how to raise children. However, because each parent and child have their own unique personality and temperament, it is difficult for parents to find a set of parenting model that are completely suitable for their family. In view of this, the parenting counsellor will coach parents individually to explore the successes and difficulties encountered in parenting, and also to understand the influence of family of origin in their own lives.

As parents strengthen their ability to handle their own emotions, they will come to a better understanding of their own and their children’s personalities, and gradually master the correct attitudes and skills of parenting. As their parenting abilities and knowledge are enhanced, parents can make appropriate adjustments in their own parenting, which in turn will help children grow healthily and realize their potential.

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