Joivo Vision

By the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, with His teaching "Love your neighbour as yourself", we provide healthcare services.

Provide high quailty therapy to the public to bring about a healthier and happier life

We hold ourselves to a strict ethical standard, guaranteeing our clients the very best in therapy

To be an empathetic and understanding therapist towards patients, about their pain, their sufferings. Gives what we can do helping them get rid of both physical pain and mental suffering. We hope patients can find suitable healing and help in Joivo and feel the love from Jesus Christ at the same time.

Baker Siu

Senior Physiotherapist & Master Level Craniosacral Therapist

Cst course

Craniosacral Therapy

Elementary Course

This course is specially designed for people with no medical background, in which unnecessary medical and anatomical terms will be reduced.

Course Information

Craniosacral Therapy

Professional Course

Craniosacral Therapy Intermediate Course is specially designed for people without medical background

Course Information

Craniosacral therapy is not designed just for specific illness,
it works well in many different situations.


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